Automated logic

Spaces of the modern age anticipate and respond to the needs of their occupants.

Seamless integration

Well-implemented technology becomes an integral part of users' lives, not a complicated barrier between them and the desired comfort.


Each space is unique, as are the needs and perspectives of the occupants of these spaces. The study and planning of each project revolves around the end user.

Continuous development

Technology is evolving. It is important that the process through which progress reaches the end user is natural, without changing familiarity but adding new value to an already known environment.

Experience and success are the best presentation

We have 20 years of experience as system integrators in residential, maritime, and commercial environments. Direct collaboration with our partners involves much more than a catalog and a price list.

For our partners


Our partner training program covers the competency levels necessary for the success of integrator teams through access to training materials, equipment, and professional technical support.


We are unique authorized direct distributors of the brands we represent in Romania We guarantee the price of the delivery terms etc.


For Rothon partners, we will be the single point of contact when it comes to warranty for the products we distribute.


We are always here to help our partners in the process of selection, decision-making, planning, and sizing of projects (with a high degree of difficulty) with which they face difficulties. Our experience on the Western market is an essential vector as a support point for integrators who are at the beginning of the road.

ROTHON is an authorized distributor of RTI and ProControl products in Romania.

Rothon is pleased to distribute in Romania the technology of the American manufacturer RTI, which since 1992 has positioned itself on the international market as one of the most active innovators in the field of residential and commercial automation with numerous international awards and important patents.
The concept of an intelligent space controllable with just one gesture from RTI is now officially available to all system integrators in our country.

We hear you and respond with technology.

As a system integrator, you will always have new challenges that will require new solutions. As a Rothon partner, you will have access to diverse solutions that cover the entire spectrum of complexity and price.

Focused on solutions

We provide complete solutions for any scenario, no matter how complex.


We rely on cutting-edge technology and provide only quality products.